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The Production Control module organises the internal material flow in such a way that the chronological sequence of the work processes is adhered to without disruption through the supply of materials and resources.

The specialty of our production control system is the management of all materials – including intermediate materials – together with your stocks at all locations within your production operations. We view production as a very extensive and complex warehouse. This means that all stocks are transparent, and the need for unofficial stocks for semi-finished products is no longer necessary.

Due to the extensive knowledge of the PCS, material postings are are carried almost completely automatically via the work process reports at the workstations. Retroactive deductions and additional postings of good parts (of various qualities) and rejects make it possible to post error-free to the units in combination with the component lists or parts lists.


Sequence planning

PCS enables effective support for operational machine planning for multi-stage series production processes. This planning is available both as a single module and as a component of an integrated JIT/JIS-capable production control system.

Shift analysis

A comprehensive overview of production operations forms the basis for quick and correct decisions. PCS informs the production manager about the current situation and, using extensive evaluations, creates the foundation for optimising production steps.

Quality assurance

Paperless production is our primary goal. All information is available via our terminals on the units. For example: work sequences with quantities, work steps & availability of materials; instructions for carrying out set-up and the work steps involved in this, and much more.


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