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The Material Flow Computer controls shipments in the automated material handling areas of large systems with a high degree of reliability, and ensures the continuous optimisation of all shipments

The MFC manages what are known as routes for each material handling element below the transport requests. The routes precisely define the properties for the shipment of transport units from any point A to any point B. Important properties include, e.g.:

  • Transport speed
  • Possible transport aids
  • Dimensions and weights
  • Maximum number of simultaneous shipments
  • Assignment to a control system for carrying out the shipments

Mode of operation

Between the routes there are transfer points at which a transport unit can be moved from one route to another. This can be a real, physical point, or can serve merely virtually to control the routes.

Inventory management

Any number of loads can be managed on a pallet or transport unit, including those nested within one another. The batches and/or packaging units of the items can be tracked for the loads. It is also possible to manage different palletising operations.

Parameter setting

The MFC offers flexible parameterisation and innovative techniques for optimising material flows in automatic or manual transport systems. The MFC can be used as part of mixed operations for automated materials handling in combination with manual shipments.


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