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The Warehouse Management & Distribution module coordinates all movements of materials, from incoming goods to outgoing goods

The WMD consists of various software modules that can be configured as required depending on the application. Integrated into a modern, adaptable user interface, the system can largely be set via parameterisation. Above all, this includes:

  • Storage structure and topology
  • Possible transport aids
  • Storage and retrieval strategies
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Configuration of the subordinate controls
  • The maximum number of simultaneous loads per pallet can be freely chosen.

Inventory management

The WMD module can manage any number of loads on a pallet or transport unit, even nested inside one another. The batches and/or packaging units of the items can be tracked for the loads. It is also possible to manage different palletising operations.

Order picking

Picking processes, including any necessary replenishment of picking areas or storage, can easily be carried out in the WMD module for both automatic picking areas (goods-to-person) or manual picking (person-to-goods).

Connection to ERP systems

The warehouse management system works in close cooperation with the associated ERP system. This is preferentially a standardised SAP R/3 interface, but can also be realised with any other system. When the goods are accepted, they are checked against existing orders.


All stock movements are archived. This also includes all retrievals and additional loads. With corresponding feedback during acceptance of the goods, this makes it possible to determine exactly which production (time, line, etc.) was loaded, in detail.


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